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Article 1 Consent to Collection of Personal Information and Collection Method
< Korea Racing Authority > (“URL” hereinafter “Website”) shall establish a procedure for allowing customers to click the button “Agree” to the terms of use, collection of personal information, and details of personal information used. Customers shall be deemed to have agreed to the collection and use of their personal information by clicking the “Agree” button.

Article 2 Personal Information Items Collected and Purpose of Using Personal Information
“Personal Information” means information on living persons and refers to their names, contact information, or any other information that identifies such persons. (Even if such information alone cannot identify a certain person, such information that can be easily combined with other information and be used to identify such a person.)

The Website has the following purposes for collecting and using nominators personal information:

Personal information
- Time of collection: Submitting the nominations
- Mandatory collection items: names, horse information, emails, phone number,
- Purpose of using personal information: customer consulting for the use of services
- Retention period: retained for 5 (5) years

If You do not agree with any part of this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use found on the Service you are using, please discontinue use of our Services immediately.
The 7th Korea Cup & Korea Sprint (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"), I have read the following information and agree to provide my personal information collected by the Service to a third party as follows.

1. A company which receives personal information

2. Items provided
Name, Contact

3. Purpose of using personal information of recipient
Nomination for Korea Cup and Korea Sprint

4. Period of holding and using personal information of person receiving personal information

Personal information shall be retained and used during the period of providing the service and destroyed so that the personal information of the person concerned can not be viewed or used when the user terminates the service (withdrawal of membership). However, the following cases shall be excluded.
If it is determined separately by the Act,

5. The customer has the right to refuse consent to the provision of personal information to third parties, and there is no disadvantage to the refusal of consent. However, the service will not be available or the service will be restricted according to the purpose of using the service.

6. General information regarding the handling of personal information that is not listed above is subject to the service's privacy policy. I fully understand, understand and agree to my consent to the provision of this personal information to third parties.


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